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Sending products, spare parts. Blankets again. Stew is made


March 26, 22 (the article was published retrospectively)
I haven’t written for a few days because we are busy from 7 am to 8 pm without a break. A lot of organizational work has been done to connect new schools to collect humanitarian aid for soldiers and the population, but I will write about this in a separate message, and now I will talk about several other cases.

Another parcel was sent to our boys to the front from the 17th Panzer Brigade near Luhansk, the products for which were collected by the residents of our district, together with the 96th school. Many thanks to the people who bring the food, it’s priceless!

In addition to food, the guys were sent parts to UAZ, 3 gas burners to cook and warm up locally, a lot of clothes. The children handed over coffee to the soldiers, where each pack has a card with wishes for the soldiers from each child.

Sets of blankets and pillows were brought to the center of migrants at 35 Schmidt Street. They got 200 kg of rusks, which had to be dried. Neighbors of our house were asked to help with this, there were more caring people than we expected and in a couple of hours all 200 kg were disassembled, dried, and by the end of the day had been demolished. Now these rusks will also go to the front with the next parcel. We have very cool neighbors, thank them for their help!

The cannery, which I mentioned in previous reports, is producing stew. We bought 17 kg of raw meat, which has already been steamed and rolled into 0.5 liter jars. This stew will go with the rusks, the soldier will be able to open the stew, take the crackers and eat.

Many thanks to all the volunteers who help us, there are already many people in our movement, we will probably need to create a separate message listing these people. Many thanks to people from abroad who donate money to us for our cause, which costs a lot, including gasoline for cars, of which there are already 5 in our fleet.