благодiйний фонд

Thanks from the soldier Alexander to the inhabitants of our districts


March 26, 22 (the article was published retrospectively)
Dear our volunteers! There is always time to write and read something).

All items and products that you have sent us are delivered to ordinary boys and girls with whom we defend our area of ​​responsibility.

Oise tablet is currently waiting for its repair and spare parts that you have already sent, for which we thank you very much. Repeaters work, and give the opportunity at least some connection with the world, to tell my mother that I’m fine, I’m in a hat and ate — it’s very important to us.

Generators work by providing electricity and light. And we are fulfilling our tasks. Boundless gratitude to you for your help and your contribution to our Victory!

P. S. Children of War are not only our grandmothers and mothers, but also our children. Pure souls who should not play next to military equipment and mortar fire. We will never forgive Russia for our children and for our warriors.