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We shared the products with Natalia and Anna


March 23, 22 (the article was published retrospectively)
Today we were approached by Natalia Lisovska and Anna Kutakova, they prepare food at home in the kitchen of our soldiers, who from the front line get to the reforming point of the regional military enlistment office.

They needed food for cooking and we gave them (redistributed) some of the food that our residents brought to the 96th school, where we gather for the 17th Panzer Brigade on the front line near Luhansk.

In the last week we have met a lot of people, volunteers, humanitarian aid collection centers, migrants, volunteer organizations and the situation is such that everyone needs everything, but there is little.

So we brought (redistributed) food to the mother’s and child’s home, delivered free apples to the centers of migrants, also began to help people who for a short time, 1-3 days, settle migrants, today began to interact with the reforming point of the region. military enlistment office, while continuing to work on our 17th tank.

The range of interaction and mutual assistance is expanding and a lot of help is needed, and the school is not rubber. Now we are thinking about how to proceed, because we already have many applications for products that we can no longer cover. Therefore, in the coming days we will try to expand. (photos are added in the comment).