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3 unusual stories told by my sister

01.04.22 (article published retrospectively)

The more you give, the more you receive. It’s true! We are helped by the highest powers. Three stories told by my brother Anton.

The first story
The woman called and asked to help with the medicine to her mother, who had just had an operation, and this medicine is now vital and there is no place to get it. Anton went to the hospital, met his mother, learned what drugs are needed and how much. , establish contacts that can help with medicines for the hospital and the guys at the front. On the way to the pharmacy, Anton talks about a call from a woman whose mother urgently needs medication after surgery, and Gennady gives contact to Natasha, his girlfriend, who wants to help. And Anton begins to receive money from Natasha (judging by the transfers of several different amounts, from different people through Natasha). While the guys arrived at the pharmacy, 1,400 hryvnias ($ 47) came to the account. The necessary medicine was found in the pharmacy, but its price was higher than the money. There was only half the money needed. An employee of the pharmacy got into the position of the guys, waited at the computer and the guys got the right amount for 1400 UAH!

The second story
In the yard of his house, Anton noticed a woman in her 70s rummaging in a dump, while she was well dressed and did not look like a man from the street. Anton approached to ask how she could be helped, she said she was raising money for medicine by handing over bottles. After some time, Anton received a receipt from the hospital, for which the boys were collecting money for medicines, which Dmytro Malenko transferred UAH 10,000 ($ 337). The translation time coincided with the time when Anton talked to his grandmother.

The third story
A young man came to the boys’ entrance and asked for help with housing. He was living somewhere with local drunks at the time and wanted to get to a normal place because he lost his home and just didn’t know where else to go. The children promised to find him shelter (which they did the next day). In the meantime, they gave 200 hryvnias ($ 7) for him to buy something. The guy left and while the guys were standing under the entrance, 4-5 minutes later a neighbor came up and just on the street handed Anton 1000 UAH ($ 34) to the soldiers for boots. The boots were bought.