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Call center. + school 106. Dwelling. Registration. Products for migrants. Clothes for everyone


March 31, 22 (article published retrospectively)
I tell you what has been done recently, about which we can really tell: 1. School 106 was connected to our movement with coverage Komunar (Pokrovsky) — Sail. Its director Inna Oleksandrivna turned out to be a very sensitive and positive person;

2. Launched its call center for 3 people receiving calls from citizens;

3. Engaged in the search for housing for migrants, with subsequent settlement in it. Residents of our districts offer us apartments with their own conditions, and we find residents under them, build with each other. Many apartments people offer for free — well done !;

4. Began to provide people with informational support in the form of consultations, where you can apply for temporary registration, get housing assistance (not only from our side);

5. Began to provide food support to IDPs and our residents in need. Probably 70% of the people in the city with whom we have to communicate have lost their jobs. Many forces are focused on supporting the front, and the population has forgotten everything. As a result, people in the city are in such a humanitarian situation that at least go to bed and die. We will defend the front, and there is no one in the city to defend. People are burdened with credit cards, many people live in rented accommodation, which simply has nothing to pay for, as a result there is nothing to buy medicine, food and clothes.

6. Four necklaces of European second-hand, normal quality, were brought to school 96 and 106, there is something to choose from, people find something for themselves — it’s good.

We try to do something every day, I would very much like to do more.