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Food for migrants at school 96


01.04.22 (article published retrospectively)
Many migrants come to the 96th school, we started working on it 2 weeks earlier than in the 106th, as a result the flow of people is such that the amount of food brought by the residents of the district is catastrophically lacking. Yesterday about 250 kg of entertainment products were delivered: spiral pasta, wheat porridge, sugar, flour, potatoes, oil.

Most of the migrants were left with nothing at all, people ran out of their houses and got at least to the Dnieper to catch their breath, no one even talks about western Ukraine or Europe.

From clothes, as a rule, people have only what they left home in. There is no money for anything, including food. People find housing to the point that there is just a bare apartment, and there is nothing more, nothing to sleep on. That’s why they ask for pillows, blankets, dishes — we try to look for something.

Today, while unloading the blankets, my grandmother came from Kharkiv, while she was collecting food, she cried and couldn’t stop. Very sad. People come, it is clear that they are well dressed, beautiful, look noble and are left with nothing. You look at them and realize that the war is really going on, not in the picture, not on TV, but in reality.

Dnipro is very lucky: you and I live «like cheese in butter», despite the fact that many people do not have jobs. However, there is a peaceful sky, you need a head, there is a place to sleep, there is even banal tap water, which is not in Mariupol…

It is possible that the Dnieper, even in part, began to «swim fat», there was some apathy to what is happening around, a sense of stability, even peace. But in fact the war continues, it goes around us, we can not forget about it.

Walking down the street, a person passing by you will not tell you what she went through, you will not read her thoughts. Looking at him, you don’t know that his house was blown up, that one of his relatives died, that he came to the Dnieper after losing everything he had, and his pocket is empty and he can’t even buy food, and he may even be fine. dressed, although these clothes are his only one, he simply has nothing to change, no one to lean on, no one to go to, he does not know what awaits him tomorrow and all his hopes are you and me — the Dnieper.