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300 Cans of Meat Porridges and Over 10 Boxes of Homemade Cookies From Anna Kutakva to Neredova


There are places at the front where our heroes are performing combat missions, where there is no possibility of making a fire or making noise — Anna Kutakova, Natalya Lisovskaya and their team of cooks help them.

They prepare food for the military in the form of cereals with meat, homemade cookies, pies, so that our defenders have the opportunity to eat well in the conditions of the close presence of the enemy and constant bombing.

As you understand, in our difficult conditions, the state does not always have the opportunity to provide the army with the opportunity of full-fledged food in time, especially such that, being in the fields or trenches, far from home, our defenders have the opportunity to feel at home.

How valuable it is that having eaten a 100% homemade cookie, pie or fully charged with energy from porridge in meat for a day, our heroes can feel cared for themselves, they know that they have not been forgotten about, they are supported, they are loved and appreciated. Such things greatly raise the fighting spirit, instill hope in people, make them immortal.

You have the opportunity to support Anna Kutakova, Natalia Lisovskaya and the team of cooks by clicking on this link, we will be extremely grateful to you, thank you!

Тушонка та смаколики на передову від Ганни Кутакової, Наталії Лісовської та команди кухарів