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17 Brigade: Chainsaws, Staples, Nails — for the construction of fortifications / dugouts

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Thanks to your help, we bought everything we needed and handed it over to the 17th brigade, the collection took place according to this application

Now the military has the ability to fasten logs for the construction of full-fledged protective dugouts.

It was transferred:
— Staples from reinforcement for fastening logs: 500 pieces (free of charge / put on the balance sheet, from the director of the construction company «Olvia», Glushenko Vyacheslav Ivanovich);
— Chainsaws for timber shaft: 3pcs;
— Chains for chainsaws: 6pcs;
— Oil for chainsaws: 10pcs/1l;
— Nails: 20kg;
— Aerosols against mosquitoes, midges and ticks: 100 cans.

1. Director of the construction company «Olvia» Glushenko Vyacheslav Ivanovich for providing staples free of charge (they were officially put on the balance sheet);
2. Once again, many thanks to Roman, who organized the production of staples!
3. To the financial director of Epicenter, Oleg Nikolaevich Pluta, for a significant discount on the purchase of goods;
4. Everyone who helped financially in this application (screenshot with names attached);
5. To our brave military for their difficult heroic work!

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