благодiйний фонд


We are the most ordinary residents of Ukraine (Dnipro), volunteers, we try to help local residents, refugees and army.

Our activities began at the beginning of the current unfortunate events in Ukraine (end of February 2022), when our good old friends, who serve in the 17th tank mechanized brigade near Luhansk, turned to me and a friend, holding the front from the offensive of the army of the country, led by a mentally ill person.

There are several hundred guys in the brigade. In the place where they are located, a power station and mobile communication towers were blown up: there is no electricity, no communication, there is no way to recharge equipment.

Urgently, they asked us to help them get power generators, batteries, gsm repeaters and food.

The task turned out to be difficult, because an extremely acute shortage of everything arose in the city and the country, and these things had to be looked for not only in our city and region, but throughout the country. Moreover, in half of the cases, they had to be bought through various dealers at significantly inflated prices, whose contacts were also very difficult to get.

But there were also kind people who donated one generator, and the neighbor of our entrance, Irina, randomly introduced us to the coordinating headquarters of the Dnipro volunteers, who provided another generator for free. In total, we got 2 generators for the guys for free, bought 3 at our own expense, bought 3 batteries and 3 communication repeaters, 350kg of cereals and their application was closed. Many thanks to everyone who participated in this process!

If we were able to find our resources for the things listed above, including with the support of our big friends from abroad, to whom we send a huge hello, then the situation with food turned out to be much worse, since the shelves in the stores were empty, and the guys who we delivered it all, several hundred people. As a result, it turned out that there is money, but you can’t buy for almost anything, and if you can, then in extremely limited quantities.

Therefore, we turned to the neighbors of ours, and neighboring entrances, with a request to collect products: tea, coffee, sugar, cookies, jam, powdered and condensed milk, cereals. And also: tobacco, wet wipes, men’s socks, underpants, construction gloves, dutik boots.

In the evening we went down to the entrance, the neighbors brought groceries, we stored them in a room on the first floor (stroller room) and when the minibus was full, we took the groceries to the guys there. A little later, some New Post offices became unblocked and we also got the opportunity to transfer ordinary things through it.

After a few days of collecting food under the entrances, we turned to the 96th school, where I studied, to its director Natalya Leonidovna Morgul, and she without delay provided us with a school building to continue collecting food for our guys from the 17th tank brigade.

A few days later, we also turned to school 106 to the director Pavleeva Inna Anatolyevna, who also kindly agreed to help us with the collection of food for our soldiers.

Having formed 2 centers in our districts, we also brought good quality European second-hand goods to them and began distributing clothes to everyone.

As a result, now the Red Stone, Kommunar and Parus microdistricts are helping our soldiers. There were a lot of people with big hearts and thanks to them, every other day we / you send one minibus with food, which, we hope, can be enough for several hundred of our soldiers. They will know that they have not been forgotten, that they have support, that people believe in them, and this raises their morale.

Why did it happen that volunteers, like you and me, have to help our soldiers on their own? The reason is that the current unfortunate events began suddenly, part of the country was occupied, airports were blown up, transport hubs were disrupted, which greatly disrupted logistics throughout the country. Strategically important things, such as generators, food, had to be moved from point A to point B in large quantities, a very large logistical imbalance appeared.

In addition, there are brigades of soldiers, like our 17th, located at a great distance, which are very difficult to reach, including the risk of shelling. There are even brigades that no one can go to at all, since their places of deployment are under constant shelling. And in the places where these soldiers are located, the zones of humanitarian catastrophe and within a radius of many kilometers, it is simply impossible to get / buy anything, especially at the same time for several hundred people, if not thousands. So we spin as much as we can.

Every day we face new challenges that we try to solve. Gradually, we have formed a team of permanent volunteers, to which new people join every day, for which many thanks to them! Together we are strong, together we will win!