благодiйний фонд

20 tons of potatoes (truck) for the distribution of food from the director of TOV “Af im. Gorky” Bochkar M.V.


We returned to the director of TOV “Af im. Gorky” Bochkar M.V. Help came lightning fast the same at rosemіrі 20 tons, which was more unexpectedly. It seems to be a great honor and a tribute to this noble and more relevant, our hour, action! You are a great person!

At once, we show beautiful photos of the arrival and unloading of the fury, and then after that, it sounds like, how much and where to go.


3 tons of potatoes were handed over to the kitchen, like a skin day, prepare 300 portions of food, like the volunteers of the Church of the Rіzdva Blessed Virgin Mary (OCU) deliver to the following addresses:
– Gurtozhitok at Simferopolskiy — 60 portions;
– Gurtozhitok on Pisarzhevskogo – 40 portions;
– Hospital of Mechnikov – 30 portions;
— 7 likarnia, surgery — 40 servings;
— TPO — 60 servings;
– 70 disabled and old people who cannot leave the house..

3 tones to the kitchen

250 skin migrants a day


people with limited abilities


200kg for mother and child house (girl 5a)


400kg Anna Kutakovy and її team of cooks, how to cook for our lads at the position, cooking is impossible (її there was no house, we also took a picture of only potatoes)

This is Anna Kutakova, really cool!


Also thanks to

  • Dmitri Sushchenko for organizing the delivery of the furry at a low price;
  • Alexandr and Kevin for paying the truck.