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Loaded the guys by closing part of the AFU application


Thanks to your support, today was another day that brings us closer to victory.

Today we shipped to our guys everything that was listed in the previous article.

We have officially put all the items transferred to the foundation free of charge on the balance sheet and indicated in the transfer act together with the items that the foundation also bought on its own.

The act does not specify medicine from the TAPS Foundation — we have a separate act on it with this fund (we published it in a previous article). As well as food from Natalia and Anna and some small items, including personal hygiene products (they are expensive to count and evaluate).

2 gasoline generators will arrive by mail any day and we will hand them over a little later.

They also took the car for repair, found excellent craftsmen who agreed to carry out repairs for free, and also, it seems, even found free spare parts — but this will be discussed in another article.

Many thanks to ALL for your support, only thanks to YOU ​​we have the opportunity to support our guys who protect our country! We still have a lot of new tasks ahead of us and we really hope that you will continue to help us.

We will win! Glory to Ukraine!