благодiйний фонд

Stew and sweets from friends. Medicine from TAPS. Collecting an application


Today Natalya Lisovskaya, Anna Kutakova and their team of chefs gave our guys a huge amount of homemade food: stew, pies, muffins and other baked goods. Thank you so much, we’ll pass it on to the guys!

The TAPS Charitable Foundation donated 100 turnstiles, 100 Israeli compression bandages + some other drugs. Thanks a lot! (we forgot to take more beautiful photos at the time of receiving the medicines).


We apologize for the terrible photos from our warehouse, we constantly forget to take beautiful photos at the time of purchase / receipt of all these things.

500 building staples, a gift from Andrey and 2 picks a gift from Dmitry.

Advertising awnings, high-density rubberized material, an excellent piece for strengthening the earth, a gift from Tatyana.

1000 polypropylene bags

20kg nails

10 liters of two-stroke oil

10 chains for chainsaws

200 meters of construction film

Personal care products (gift)

A second battery and a tablet were purchased for the quadrocopter for better visibility

We also ordered 2 gasoline generators, which should arrive tomorrow, we will show them to the guys at the time of shipment.

We will also bring 1 car for repair.

We thank Viktor Romanenko for providing contacts, which help us a lot in collecting the current application! Collaboration is very important!

Many thanks to everyone who helps us with money for the purchase of all items at the request of our guys from ZSU, only thanks to you it turns out to close it in a decent amount. We haven’t collected enough for sneakers with a pickup truck yet, but we think that everything is ahead!