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Helped the Mother and Child Home


11.04.22 (the article was published retrospectively)
Helped the Mother and Child Home:
— 3 computers and a tablet for training;
— Free internet;
— food;
— freezer.

From Yana: «We would like to express our gratitude to» Common People of Ukraine «(now» Common Ukrainians «) For the Internet, computers, tablet, our children can continue their education at school, freezer, food. May God bless the work of hands your.

Many thanks to all who participated in the work with the House of Mother and Child:
— Dasha (logistics, communications);
— Andrew (provided a computer, set up networks, installed software);
— Kolomiets Tatiana Anatolievna and Lipetus Natalia Dmitrievna from Kanavan shopping mall, Metrology Ltd. (computer, toy bag);
— Gennady (freezer);
— Vadim (free internet with routers on each floor) Yu his company likenet.dp.ua
— Roman (monitor); —
Vasily Ivanovich (freight transportation);
— Anton (gave the promised tablet);
— foreign philanthropists for sponsorship (purchase of system unit, food);
— residents of the Chervoniy Kamin, Komunar and Parus for candy with cookies for children; Here’s a little of each, and the result is a good result! Thank you all very much !!!

Thanks to Jana from the Mother and Child Home for her work and care for the children. If you want to offer them help, write to Yani on Viber / call: 0995615505