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A story from the life of three 80 elderly people who fled the war

A story from the current life
Today 3 call persons, 40, 42 and 44 years old (80 elderly people) applied to our call center. On March 15, they fled from the Crimea, Luhansk region, to the Dnieper. All three former teachers: history, Russian language and literature, geography. Husband with wife and sister.

They have not yet received their pension, are in the process of registration, and are going to register as migrants only tomorrow. They did not even know that such registration existed, because they were afraid to leave the house and did not communicate with anyone.

At the same time, they were given an apartment for 7,000 hryvnias ($ 240), for which they spent the last money. Of their relatives, they have 2 daughters living in Buryatia and Donetsk, ie there is no one to help them. People were left without help and money, so they were forced to turn to us for food.

Members of our team of volunteers Tala and Shamil made them targeted food delivery in sets, each for 2 weeks. It is very difficult for pensioners to move because of their age, their husbands do not walk well and they do not know the city.

In Kremin, they were left with a two-story house where the three of them lived, a garden and two dogs cared for by a neighbor who refused to leave the city. One of the women has a pacemaker that needs to be checked every six months, 9 months have passed since the last check-up. If someone wants to help these people, you can call Tali: 0961933504. They live in the school yard №106, st. Metrobudivska, 5. Maybe if you live somewhere nearby, you could take care of them. Thank you all!